I live and work in beautiful Loudoun County Virginia with my husband and two children.  I earned a Fine Art degree from James Madison University in 1992.  After graduating, I worked in telecommunications for a considerable time, painting only as a hobby. I chose to refocus my career goals towards art after the birth of my first child. I am now a full-time painter and ceramic artist. I am a founding member of a progressive art group, The Night of the Radish, and participate in both the Catoctin Holiday Art Tour and the Western Loudoun Artist Studio Tour annually and I am a member of the Loudoun County Artisan Trail. I enjoy working in my studio most every day and feel very fortunate to be supported by my family and my local artist community.  My work is an expression and reflection of the joy that comes from doing what I love.


I begin all of my paintings with a very dark and often black background.  I then layer the painting with color and texture as I play with the overall composition on the canvas. I favor bright colors and organic shapes in my paintings.  Each piece is painted with great care to bring you a vivid piece of my imagination.


I have discovered a love for ceramics and have spent the of the last year making whimsical jars. I work with a mid-range stoneware clay body. I handbuilt the jars using a slab and coil technique. I under-glaze the exterior before the bisque firing. After the pieces are bisqued, I apply a dark wash to the exterior and wipe it back – leaving a dark patina in the recesses of the piece. I then finish the interior with a food safe glaze. Finally, I fire the jars to cone 5 in an electric kiln.